What Is Micellar Water?

What’s The Deal With Micellar Water?

I’m sure you’ve been hearing (and seeing) micellar water coming up in conversations all over the internet. I’ve been seeing more of it in stores and in magazines lately so my interest has been piqued again. I tried some makeup remover wipes soaked in it, but based on how that went I didn’t think micellar water was for me. I don’t like to count something entirely out until I try it for a second time so I finally stopped playing around and bought a bottle of it.  (more…)

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Fall Fragrance

Fall’s Sultriest Scents

I have two scent wardrobes. One for spring/summer and another for fall and winter. It’s almost officially fall so I’m about to rotate my lighter scents to the back and move my more powerful scents to the front. My only exception is Ralph Lauren Romance. It’s my everyday scent so it constantly stays in the rotation. It’s important to switch up your scent for the change in seasons for a few reasons. (more…)

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Find A Skincare Routine That Works

How To Find A Skincare Routine That Works

For some reason, my skin has been rebelling lately despite my efforts to do right by it. My texture is uneven and I keep getting random breakouts in places that haven’t been problem areas before. I finally stopped playing myself and started to switch up my skincare routine to see if I could get my skin to love me again like I love it.

If you just started having skin issues or if they’ve been around forever, how do you know what exactly your skin needs to be great? How do you find a skincare routine that works? Well, you have to ask yourself a few questions and then choose products for a routine based on those answers. (more…)

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Back To School Makeup Essentials

Back To School Beauty Essentials

It’s almost time for another school year. You might be headed off to college, trying to put your best self forward in high school or be grown and graduated. Whatever your situation there’s nothing that can replace knowing your go-to look. The look that you can pull off with minimal effort and can do in 10 minutes or less, but is distinctly you. Is it winged eyeliner? Bold lips. You’ll need a few things to start experimenting to find your own go-to look, but these are the things I started with. (more…)

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summer nail polish 2016

Summer ’16 Nail Polishes I Can’t Stop Wearing

I was minding my own business shopping for groceries when the makeup isle happened upon me. Yes, it happened to me because I didn’t actively seek it out.  There was a coupon for Wet n’ Wild nail polish so I had to indulge. I figured that it couldn’t hurt to try it out and I had no good reason not to. The coupon made each of the polishes almost half off! It was a small thing for me to try, but when I can buy 3 nail polishes for less than $3 from a brand that’s already been on my radar I can’t pass that up. (more…)

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